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ULTIMATE LIGHTNING GUIDE: Defining the Differences in Salesforce Lightning

There seems to be a never-ending explosion of all things Lightning at Salesforce. Having a hard time keeping track? Let’s take a moment to understand Lightning’s various flavors. Whether you want to launch a product on the AppExchange (all new applications now need to be Lightning Ready to be listed), or implement Lightning in an existing solution, you’ll need to know the differences between: Lightning App Builder Lightning Bolt Lightning Components Lightning Console Lightning Design System (SLDS) Lightning Editions Lightning Experience Field Service Lightning Lightning LockerService Lightning Out Lightning Process Lightning Voice While intertwined, each are very different. Lightning App Builder Lightning App Builder is...

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Top 50 Salesforce Project Management Tools and Software Solutions

To truly be successful, companies and organizations must manage their projects, issues, risks, and changes proactively. This means moving beyond email, spreadsheets, and conference calls and adopting project management tools and software that aid in project initiation, planning, and execution. These project management tools and software solutions must give visibility into all stages of the project and include all of the necessary functions for businesses to easily monitor their projects each and every day. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO ACCELERATE YOUR SALESFORCE ROI But, to truly be efficient and productive, companies and organizations should choose project management tools...

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Ultimate Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2017

There are now a huge amount of Chrome extensions out there for various functions when working with the Salesforce platform. These range from Apps that help you organise your various Salesforce logins, to full blown toolkits that are jam packed with productivity features. For some you, a few of the extensions mentioned in this post will be serious lifesavers when it comes to productivity in your day to day working lives. For others who may have never dived into the world of Salesforce Chrome extensions, your world is about to get a whole load more productive! Within this Ultimate...

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How to Show All Available records in a lookup search

The Problematic Situation: When you add any lookup in Salesforce on a layout from one object to another, and try searching for available values, you face the below issues: 1-You can only search by record name. (main value) – Default settings 2-You need at least 2 characters to for the search to work 3-You cannot search for values in any other field, your search is limited to the main field. 4-System will only display by default recent viewed items (by you) and not all the available values. Therefore users are expected to know all possible values of the record...

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Salesforce CRM Services in Dubai

Sales Cloud (Salesforce CRM) Sales Cloud is the pioneering Salesforce application that is recognized by all as an award-winning service. It is used by companies around the world to grow revenue and increase customer satisfaction. Companies in various industries have implemented Salesforce to create reliability, visibility and flexibility among their sales teams. The application also creates a 360-degree view of their client base for all to see, report on and forecast appropriately. Known as the “Sales Tool that Reps Love to Use”, it empowers companies to manage people and processes more effectively, pursue more business in less time and...

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