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Help text of more than 255 characters.

Sometimes we need Helptext with our field but in salesforce there is a limitation that you can define only 255 characters for the helptext (while creating a field).However in case if we need more than 255 characters we  can go with 2 options. 1)Create custom Helptext tooltip using jquery and javascript. 2)Another one is using helptext attribute of apex:pageBlockSectionItem Here is the Information about 2nd option. Use <apex:pageBlockSectionItem>, it has a helptext attribute that corresponds to the balloon. You can put your “long help” in a custom label for example so it can be translated to other languages like...

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Passing Parameters To a Report Through The URL

One of the most powerful features of Salesforce is the ability to consolidate all of the information in your organization into easy to digest reports and dashboards. Users with the ability to create reports will find all of the functionality they need on the Reports tab. Anyone who has worked with Reports before can testify that the feature is very powerful and provides the user with quick insight into their information. The question now becomes, how do I make this information even easier to obtain? Let’s take a look at a specific scenario. Suppose you work for a company,...

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